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Enter your best geothermal projects in the 2017 GAOI Top Job competition!


 Thanks to these companies for sponsoring the 2017 GAOI Top Job competition!

GAOI will recognize the best residential and commercial geothermal projects at the 2017 IL Geothermal Conference, March 27-29. GAOI’s Top Job competition offers a new venue to members of our organization to have their best geothermal projects recognized. To enter, just complete the on-line Top Job registration form by February 20, 2017. A select, impartial group of semi-final judges will review all entries and choose finalists. GAOI will be coming back to all finalists for pictures of the project and perhaps more information.

These Top Job finalists will make a short presentation on their project at this year’s conference on Tuesday, March 28. Every attendee at this year’s conference will then vote for the best project in the two categories — residential and commercial.

There is no charge for entering the contest and the entry process won’t take long at all — so enter as many projects as you’d like. GAOI member-organizations only.

The winning two Top Jobs will be recognized at the conference, on GAOI’s website at www.gaoi.org, in various trade press and in the news media. Also, there will be certificates for all the finalists and a $500 prize to the winner in each category.

GAOI thanks our brother organization, the New York Geothermal Energy Organization or NY-GEO, which started the Top Job competition in its state last year — and supports GAOI’s use of the program in Illinois.

If you have any questions about Top Job or the application process, please contact GAOI Executive Director John Freitag at 217-971-3533 or jfreitag@gaoi.org.