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GAOI President Dan Couillard of Element Energy presents the 2019 Top Job awards to Robert Chapman (left) of Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning of Normal, and Bill Sprague of Area Mechanical in Rockford.

Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning of Normal and Area Mechanical of Rockford are recipients of the 2019 GAOI Top Job awards. Bratcher won the Top Job award for best residential geothermal project and Area Mechanical received the top commercial geo project in this year’s contest.

Mahomet Project: In November of 2018, Bratcher installed 12 Nominal Ton of Equipment, Closed loop vertical, 14 – 150′ bore holes with 3/4 pipe. This project started as a small renovation with the addition of a 2 ton geothermal system, a s the project progressed it ended up a completed remodel, with 2 additions with radiant heat in the new garage, plus under all the existing floor of home over crawl space. The final design included a 4 Ton Split System hooked to a variable speed AHU unit in crawl space to cool and heat the existing bedrooms and new dining room addition.

An 8 ton water to water unit was also installed to provide radiant heat for the new garage and living space. There are 4 radiant floor heating zones and 2 hydronic AHU units tied to the buffer tank and water to water unit. A 4 Ton AHU unit provides forced air cooling for the garage and supplemental forced air heating. There is a 2 ton hydronic AHU unit providing all of the heating and cooling to the second floor zone.

In addition to Bratcher Heating and Air Conditioning, TCI Companies completed the loop field and Enertech provided the GeoComfort Geothermal.

Wahl Clipper Corporate Headquarters, Sterling, IL: from October 2014 through April 2017, Area Mechanical installed a 200 ton closed loop with 64 verticle 1″ U-Bends grouted with enhanced grout. The project has 2 GSHX: a 48 well and a 16 well linked to the same internal building loop, with the 16 wells being able to be isolated and minimize pump load. Area Mechanical incorporated a hydraulic separator to make more use of the mixed HVAC load in the building this limits the time the GSHX loop pumps need to operate. Geothermal was used in conjunction with the ERV’s for dehumidification.

Other companies involved in this build were Great Lakes Geothermal and Tri County Irrigation.

Thank you to this year’s Top Job sponsors for making things possible – WaterFurnace Int., Connor Co., The Habeggar Corp., and Enertech Geothermal.