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March 9th-10th, 2020 GAOI Geothermal Installation Training/Testing


20 GAOI Geothermal Installation Training/Testing
Please use the link below to pay the agreed upon amount to the Geothermal Alliance of Illinois via our secure Quickbooks payment service.

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The GAOI Basic Geothermal Installation course prepares technicians and others in the geothermal heat pump industry to prepare for taking the GAOI Installation and Service Technician exams. The GAOI credential is required for contractor participation in several Illinois utility incentive programs. We call the course our 12-hour course. It covers 9 chapters in a day and half of coursework, with overviews of Geothermal 101, system sizing, ductin, loop design and installtion, pumping, troubleshooting and commissioning. For participants in the class, the testing for GAOI’s Installation Technician and Service Technician credentials, is held following the class. The class will held in conjunction with the IL Geothermal Conference in Bloomington. The class begins at 9 am on Monday, March 9 and concludes late morning on Tuesday, March 10. The conference itsellf begins on March 10 and wraps up with lunch on March 11.

Cost of the class is $500 and all participants get a copy of IGSHPA’s comprehensive Installation manual ($125 value). To reserve your place in the class, register and complete the down payment of $250, or half the registration cost.  Contractors in the northern Illinois are eligible to have their total registration fee covered by ComEd. The $250 down payment will be refunded to approved contractors who are in ComEd’s geothermal contractor network, or join it following the training/testing.

For more information, contact John Freitag, GAOI Executive Director, at jfreitag@gaoi.org or 217-971-3533.